Aburiya Raku

Aburiya Raku, a japanese izukaya restaurant located outside the strip; around the China town area in Las Vegas.  Raku is famous for its widely use of charcoal, not only in their robata grill items, Raku uses activated charcoal as water filter and chopsticks stand as well.


Raku Izakaya – reservation is highly recommended.  We saw the hostess turn away many walk-in customers even the restaurant was only half-full.


It was still very empty at 630pm and people started coming in around 8pm.


Charcoal chopsticks stand.


Tonight’s Special – we forgot to ask for the price.  >_<



Toro Sashimi – It goes very well with the house made seaweed.  These toro tasted so good that I actually forgot to take a pic until I finished half the plate.


Sea urchin and wakame seaweed soup.  I still prefer uni sashimi more; although the soup itself taste very good with the seaweed brings out the sweetness of uni.


Fried soft shell crab – I regret ordering this.


Scallop – It could taste better with a touch of lemon juice.


Kobe beef liver, Pork cheek, Kobe beef filet with wasabi.  These’re good, but still missing the WOW factor tho.


Kobe beef tendon – It’s soft but still chewy; perfectly grilled and seasoned.


Foie Gras with glazed soy-base sauce – this was the highlight of the night.  Yum yum in the tum.


Foie Gras don – I like the thinly cut lettuce and the house made sauce, it goes very well with the rice and of course, the foie gras.


Udon with Foie Gras egg custard soup.  Avoid!  =X

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