Adventurous Saturday

It was such an adventurous Saturday we had over the weekend.  Wifey and I went to 3 different eateries that we have never been to before.  Keep reading only if you want to know how our adventure went.

The day started off with a Japanese katsu lunch combo @ Yoko, Amy found this place earlier this week when we were looking for some good restaurants nearby our place.


Yoko is owned by Korean and the restaurant is kept very clean and tidy.


You can find art pieces decorating all over the restaurant.


Amy anxiously waiting for the food.  =P

Roasted Sesame Seed

Roasted Sesame Seed, you have to use the wooden stick and grind the sesame seeds in this bowl.  The aroma of the sesame seed reminds me of the katsu lunch I had in Osaka.  It smells very good and the waitress will then pour their special sauce after you finish grinding.

Lunch Combo

Here is my lunch combo set. $13.95  You can see the ground sesame seed with the katsu sauce on upper right.

Tempura Udon

Tempura udon comes with tempura shrimp and mixed veggie.  The udon was chewy and soup was served very hot which I personally like the most.

Pork Katsu

Pork Katsu along with shrimp Katsu and corn croquette.  It also comes with cabbage salad with special flavored Thousand Island dressing that made me so addicted to it.  I normally don’t eat the cabbage salad and think they are gross, but this one is so yummy that I can’t resist.  Even Amy kept on eating this too.  I think we will come back and try other Katsu items soon.


Udon.  Amy’s BIG bowl of udon.  This is their regular size.

Crunchy Roll

The udon combo also comes with sushi roll of your choice.  Amy picked the Crunch Roll, not bad.


After lunch, we headed to Venice to meet up with ToORiMa & Janice for high tea @ Jin Patisserie.  This was our first time here and special thanks to Janice for the recommendation.  We really love it.  Please note that Jin Patisserie only has outdoor seatings though this may not be a good choice during the rain season.


Amy @ front door.


Chocolate Mint & Vanilla macarons.  A bit smaller and sweeter than what we had at Paulette tho.


Tiramisu.  The tiramisu itself was just okay, but the half macaron on top was tasty.

Spring Bouquet

Spring Bouquet (fresh mango & strawberry, Passion Fruit Cream, and Meringue).  I would say this is probably Jin’s signature cake.  It’s a cake roll filled with mangoes and strawberries in passion fruit cream.  The cream is light and lightly sweetened, it makes you keep wanting for more.  The cake crust is a cross between a meringue and a cake, crisp on the outside while the interior texture like a cream puff.  This is a must have and to die for item when you visit Jin Patisserie.


The day ended with dinner @ Fraiche, a restaurant emphasize its rustic French & Italian dishes.  Although the service wasn’t up to par, I do find a few of their dishes were quite interesting.


Fraiche is not a big restaurant, and somehow their patio seats had an awful smells tonight.  We asked to be seated inside instead.


Amy and the full bar behind her.




Oyster.  I forgot where they’re from.  The oyster was fresh although I still prefer Kumamoto Oysters.  😛

Amy’s take: a bit on the salty side, and not sweet like Kumamotos.


Agnolotti (Wild Mushroom, Mascarpone, Truffle Butter).  The truffle’s aroma made me want to finish the whole plate by myself.


Mussels.  Bouchon are better.  PERIOD.

Bucatini Carbonara

Bucatini Carbonara (Poached Egg, Pancetta, Pecorino Romano).  The pasta, perfectly cooked though not perfectly seasoned; was a bit too salty, probably due to the overuse of parmesan cheese.

Monkfish Picatta

Monkfish Picatta.  ToORiMa described it as the HK cafe version of sole filet in cream sauce.

Lamb Papardelle

Lamb Papardelle (Tomato, Olives, Onetik Goat Cheese).  Hand made pasta, the lamb was very tender.

Coq Au Vin

Coq Au Vin.  This is the Italian drunken chicken with wild mushroom in red wine reduction sauce.

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