Aiden’s new vocabulary in 2015

Great suggestion from a friend today to note the new words Aiden has said.  This is the time to do it since he’s learning so much.  Things surprised us like when he said he was “lonely” and that is why he was crying one night.  I’ve already forgotten some words that shocked us that he could use. So I’m gonna put another list together, like when he was 20-21 months old.  I just love lists!
  • 1/1 – We just woke up in the morning and Aiden asked me “媽咪, 幾點鐘出門口?” Not that he understands time, but I guess he hears us say that all the time.  Good he can learn to manage his time efficiently – not a bad idea to start young.
  • 1/3 – Today Aiden was playing ‘birthday party’ and he said to me ” Let me serve Mommie 蛋糕” (wow he must love birthday parties)
  • 1/4 – Aiden said “Aiden 趕時間” and he was telling me what he usually does when he looks out the window “Aiden 平時….”

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