Aiden’s week in August

Mommie went out twice this week, so Aiden and Daddie went out to enjoy dinner both times.


On Monday night Daddie took Aiden to eat at The Habit (Burger)


The next day I picked him up from school and while we drove past The Habit on the freeway, Aiden recognized it and let me know he went there with Daddie.


On Thursday Daddie took him out again, and on Friday he pointed to the 5 South Freeway entrance and said Daddie and him went that way.


When I checked with Galen, indeed they went that way.


He’s getting very good at remembering places he has gone to and even saying things with 4 syllables.


This week he even learned to say the freeway exit that we need to take in order to get home.


When we drives by any Chevron Aiden still gets super excited and say Daddie likes it.


We gave him my old digital camera since I don’t use it anymore.


He loves to place it next to Daddie’s camera, and would move it wherever Daddie’s camera went.


This week Aiden did have one big accident in his pants, and we just threw it away (it’s just too disgusting to clean!)


But overall he has done well, this morning he refused to wear it when we went out.


Daddie even put bed rails on the big bed and Aiden slept there last night.  But this afternoon, he wanted to play, so back in the crib he went.

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