Wifey & I used to love this place, although last we came was back in November of 2010.  In my option, this placed had gone downhill.  I dont’ know if they have a new chef or what, however, with 60% empty tables on Saturday night prime time, this is definitely not good.


Wifey trying to decide what to order.


Very quiet tonight, the bar used to be surrounded by huge crowds.


Fritto Misto.  Very dried and chewy, and notice they gave you almost a whole plate of calamari.  Avoid!  We end up returned this.


Wifey’s Insalata di Mare.  Again, calamari all over the salad, and they gave you one piece of shrimp only.  Avoid!!


Fettucini in alfredo sauce with truffle OIL.  I also added the mushroom.  This plate used to come with shaved truffle and you can smell the truffle aroma once the waiter bring it out from the kitchen.  Not only It doesn’t has that truffle smells anymore, the sauce taste just like any bottle pasta sauce you can get at the local supermarket.  Please see pic below for what it used to be. (picture courtesy:

Before: You can clearly see the shaved truffle cover all over the fettucini.


We’ll probably not going to come back anymore.  What a disappointing dinner we had.





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