Christmas Light @ OC (Tustin and Brea)

Christmas Light @ Tustin

We came here after Legoland since it was on our way home.  This year it seems like less homes were into the Christmas spirit.  The one home that normally opens up their garage for mini winter/Christmas theme models did not have that part ready.  Hopefully it’s because it was still early in the month and is not an indication that there is a decline in homes setting up lights and decorations in this area.  One home we liked that we saw last year was the Grinch timeout booth.  Last year they had it, but we didn’t think it was anything special, probably because we didn’t go at the right time.  This time was the perfect time, as a kid would go there and “the Grinch” would talk to the child, asking him things like what he wants and responding with some humor.  It was pretty fun to watch and to see the effort someone put in to make things more fun for the people that come around.  We definitely appreciated that, even though we did not stick Aiden in the timeout zone.



Christmas Light @ Brea

Eagle Hills in Brea have a few blocks of streets that you can walk and enjoy the Christmas setting for 2 hours or so, if you are up for it.  You have people with a bonfire outside, some selling marshmallows for you to roast and other treats.  One home even sold Christmas light ball decorations.  We came here twice this year.  I’m beginning to enjoy going around watching Christmas lights more, I think it’s Aiden’s influence. But now he expects hot chocolate and churros when we go see lights.  I think this year is extra special because he is not afraid of big blow ups (Santa) like he was last year.  Oh one year sure makes a difference, can’t wait until next year when we venture out to different places to see more lights.


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