Day 122 – 4th month baby check up

Back to the Doctor’s for Aiden’s fourth month well baby check up.

First up, always going bare down to the diaper.

Time for measurements.

But why the pout?

Awww! Just because an older toddler was crying!

Poor thing!

He weighs 13.75 pounds, 25.25 inches in length and head circumference is 41 cm.

Based on the growth chart, his height is average (50 percentile) and weight is at the 25 percentile.

Doctor Wong says since he’s constantly moving, he’s not going to gain a lot of weight.

Today Doctor Wong went over the foods Aiden can start trying.

Rice cereal: starting with an ounce first so he that he doesn’t get constipated.

He can  slowly try (one food at a time): greens, yellows and oranges, then fruits.

This time Aiden did not cry when Doctor Wong did the regular check up.

All is well.

When Doctor Wong put the tongue depressor near his mouth, Aiden automatically opened his mouth for him.

What’s up next?  The not so fun stuff!

He jumped a little when a male nurse came in and spoke quite loudly.

He cried, and I just knew Aiden didn’t like the nurse.

So I kindly asked if we could have Nurse Diane from last time.

Ah! Much better!

He didn’t spit out the serum this time either.

He didn’t cry when the nurse held his legs.

But he cried at the touch of the needle on his thigh.  Good thing she is quick!  He cried for less than a minute.

What a tiring visit!  I don’t think he enjoyed it very much.

He’s very sleepy.

After a number of errands we got home and we let him practicing rolling.

He’s not quite there yet.  But he still loves to cross his legs, just like before.

But poor thing got a little fever tonight. Second time he has one, but this time he needed to take some medicine.



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