Day 157


There are 2 times in the day when Mommie enjoys watching Aiden more than any other time.

Private Mommie and baby bonding time is one of them.

And the other time is Daddie and Aiden bonding time.

Aiden is just so extra perceptive and happy with Daddie.

It just melts my heart to see them together.

Although sometimes Daddie does things that upsets Aiden.

Like yesterday, I turned my head to grab the camera and Aiden cried like crazy!

Daddie was finishing up his small bowl of ice cream when Aiden put his hands on the bowl.

I guess Aiden was close to touching the melted ice cream “remains” and Galen took it away from Aiden.

Aiden was so upset that he refused to look at Daddie.

He was not happy with Daddie’s decision.

When Daddie tried giving him an empty bowl, he looked up at Daddie first.

He must be thinking “Are you going to take away my bowl again Daddie?”

But since it was empty, he was not interested at all.

Smart Baby!

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