Day 184 – Happy 6 months!


Aiden was out and about again today, visiting at Pan American Headquarters!

He was passed around the table, and made himself comfy.

Everyone said he was such a good boy. (And thank you Auntie Lauren for staying away from his chubby cheeks)

He was at his first book club “meeting.”

Hopefully this will start off his road to good habits and learning experiences.

Afterwards, he visited Grandmom and Granddad.

He was already super tired, and kept pouting and crying when they held him.

But by the end of the visit, he was a happy camper in Grandmom’s arms..

as long as she moved about.


Today is Aiden’s 3rd night of eating rice cereal.

It must be all those nights he joined us at the dinner table, because he was definitely ready.

He even went for the spoon today!

Not just yet Aiden, okay.

Let Mommie enjoy your babyhood for a little longer please.

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