Day 185


For a woman, the 3 important measurements are the bust, waist and hips.

For a man, it’s the unmentionable size, his 胸襟 (how broad his mind is?), and his wallet size

For a baby, the 3 sizes they always measure is the head circumference, weight, and height.

That’s always the first task at hand when Aiden goes to the doctor, get down to the diapers and take these measurements.

This time his head circumference is 43 cm, he is 15 pounds and 9 oz (15 percentile – last time was 25 percentile), 27.5 inches long (85 percentile jumped up from 50 percentile)

Dr Wong said he is not worried about the weight percentile declining, it is only an issue if that number goes up and up.

Aiden even smiled at Dr Wong this time.

Then he slurped up his serum and got his 2 shots.

He cried for just a second or 2, then he pranced around and wanted to play with Nurse Diana.

Poor Aiden did get a slight fever at night.

No wonder he was so fussy throughout the day.

But you’ve done such a great job Aiden!

The next 6 months may not be as easy for you, Mommie, and Daddie.

so let’s all add oil!


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