Day 214


Another eventful day for Aiden.

7 months and counting!

Since he’s a “big” boy now, for this special day

He was so interested when Mommie and Daddie were eating watermelon, that we gave him a few bites.

For some reason, he automatically knew to chew it.

And after he finished his first extra tiny piece, he almost cried…as if he wanted more.

So naturally we fed him some more.

Yummy! He was smiling!

Afterwards it was off to Emma’s birthday party!

The last time Emma had a party, Aiden was still in Mommie’s tummy.

How time flies!

Aiden couldn’t join the others for the “bug” hunt, but nevertheless he had his fun.

A few aunties held him, and made him feel extra special.

Galen and I talked to another set of parents whose daughter was born on the same day as Aiden, little Aggie.

They are basically going through the same things.

At the party we also let him try drinking out of the straw.

He can sip it up, but he just doesn’t know how to swallow.

Got himself all wet!

But Daddie decided to return the sippy cup ordered from Amazon.

Yay! Another kind of sippy cup to arrive later on…I’m sure he will like that one better.

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