Day 276 – 9 months


Happy 9 months my little angel.

Or are you Daddie’s little trouble maker?

Big day, so Aiden wore shoes for the first time, he was quite wary of walking.

When he started walking (with Daddie’s help) he would make the funniest moves.

After waiting over 20 minutes at the Doctor’s office, it was finally Aiden’s turn.

Aiden is at 28.25 inches long (60%) and 16 lbs 4 oz (10%) head circumference 45.

Not much growth, he must be growing in other areas, like skills and the brain.

More waiting…and Daddie got the bad end of this waiting period because Aiden got a little too playful.

He scratched Daddie right above his upper lip.

But Aiden was very good during this doctor visit.

He smiled at Dr Wong a lot. (Dr Wong praised him and noted that many babies his age don’t smile as much.  That was news to me.)

Dr Wong said he looks suave like James Bond!

Looking at the pictures now, Dr. Wong is right.  Aiden does look pretty suave, like James Bond.

Must be the hair style! And Aiden has little muscles to go along with it – nice that the Dr notices these little things haha!

Aiden also didn’t have to go through the painful blood draw.

They pricked his finger and he just sat there..what a brave boy!

Even the last Hep B and first flu shot only made him cry for 10-15 seconds.

Such a good boy and passed it at 38%.  Normal level. Happy Mommie.

Then it was off to visit Mommie’s work!

He did the one eye wink (which Lauren loved!) and dazzled them with his “charms.”

That’s my baby!  You dazzle me every day.

Thank you for all that you are Aiden!


P.S Lesson for parents (says Doctor): Babies don’t make demands.

It’s actually more like them forming a question.

“Will you allow me to get away with this? How will you make me sleep?”

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