Day 284

I’ve never seen Aiden so happy playing with his rings.

He’s still not playing it the way it was “meant” to be played, but he’s enjoying it because Mommie is playing his way. Aiden had a fun morning, but finally it was time for his bed. Daddie got him to bed and off to work he went. Aiden slept for a good few hours and Mommie was able to get a lot done.

When he finally awoke from his nap, he didn’t even cry. It was quiet enough in the house that Mommie heard Aiden. Finishing up a few last things and  bit was time to bring Aiden down for lunch!

Good sleep = happy baby. I let him play with his new toy that Daddie didn’t want to let him play because he felt it was too noisy. Since Daddie wasn’t home, noise wasn’t an issue.

Then off to SuperBa for dinner with Auntie Janice and Uncle Benny. They went biking! Such a healthy hobby! We finished off with churros at another place then went home.

Aiden did a short food testing tonight – Cauliflower! Good another vegetable that he accepts.

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