Day 286

It’s Daddie’s birthday!

So we all stayed home in the morning and enjoyed family time.

What a nice way to begin the day.

Then we took Aiden to day care so that he can take school pictures.

The director there had been bugging us on numerous occasions to let Aiden come to school on Columbus Day.

So we delivered, but Aiden didn’t want to let go of Daddie.

He even cried a bit for the first time.

Galen was wondering why I was rushing us out.

My philosophy is the longer we stay the higher the chance that he will fuss for us.

I think it’s the vibe that the parent gives that causes the child to want to cling on more.

I know that’s why I can’t put Aiden to bed as well as Galen, because I will tend to linger around just to make sure he is alright.

Daddie wants to test this out again to see if it’s just him…

There’s been a few times where he took Aiden to daycare and Aiden would fuss a little.

It never happened to me before, but Aiden is getting more clingy because he is more aware now.

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