Day 288 – Sweet Potato Lover

Now that it’s cold we whipped the pants back out for Aiden!

He looks so cute in jeans!

Mommie didn’t cook tonight because of last minute plans!

Lucky day for Aiden!

We ended up going to Souplantation, and the food Mommie bought was not enough for Aiden.

So Daddie said how about feeding him sweet potato.

I liked the idea because it was a recommended food for babies and I thought it was also one that would be best of all the choices available.

And boy did he love the sweet potato!

So for dinner Aiden had 2 ounces of veggie, puffs, and 2 long, thin sweet potatoes.

Wow! That was too much food!

His new favorite food.

Not only that Mommie also finally got him to use the big person toilet. :X

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