Day 291

Aiden had another uncooperative eating day.

He started the morning off with eating 2 bites.

He was being such a bad boy, we put him in the play pen.

Sigh.. the play pen has become a punishment area, even though that’s not what I had wanted it to be.

But that’s usually his time outs.

Either the play pen or swinging has high chair around, facing the wall.

Time outs usually last a minute, unless he’s crying then until he stops crying.

Anyhow, he ended up falling asleep and slept in the play pen for a good 2 hours.

(Mommie was able to do some cleaning! Yay!)

So then it was lunchtime!

He put up small fits, but it turned out to be his most behaved meal of the day.

Taking him out won’t be as easy anymore, as it once was..

I hope he will still behave or else dining out will be an issue.

We also visited Grandpa and Grandma today!

We left when he started fussing, and he fell asleep in the car in seconds.

And again he slept for a good 2 hours.

Then dinner time he was misbehaving again.

Thinking about it now, I think it’s because he wants milk.

(When it comes down, milk is still what he wants …even more than sweet potato)

However, even though he wants it he didn’t want to drink much of it.

So hard to please!

Is that another bad habit taken from Daddie and Mommie?

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