Day 307

Grandma and Grandpa’s shipment of clothes for Aiden came in the mail today.

There was a couple of shirts that fit but most were very big for him because he is still a little guy.

The little fellow is still wearing some 6-9 months clothing, weighing 16 lbs and 13 oz with clothes on.

Today he went to get his second flu shot.

The nurse was so slow, nothing compared to Nurse Diane.

Afterwards we visited my work, and the funniest thing happened.

He was holding onto the string on my dress.  He did not continue to crawl.

All of a sudden he knocked on the floor a few times, and as I expected he wanted me to “move”.

When I did, so did he.  It was pretty funny.

My little AIden sure makes me laugh, but when I told Daddie, he didn’t find it amusing as my coworkers and I did.

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