Day 331 – Thanksgiving

Oh no! We’ve got a climber!

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

He’s been stepping onto his walker for the longest time.

That can be a headache for Mommie and Daddie in the near future though.


Today we took Aiden to the park for a short period of time.

He went on the swings and down the slide.

When he went he was a little sleepy, so he didn’t really enjoy it.

He looked like a little doll going down the slide, no emotions.

Better luck next time!


Aiden also set a record today!

That’s right! He drank lots of water.

We let him use the straw and he drank about an oz of water.

Then at dinner time he drank over 2 ounces.

That is definitely the most water he’s had in a day.

Good job Aiden!


Grandpapa and Grandmama enjoyed you showing off.

It was an odd Thanksgiving dinner because of a miscommunication (ugh I wish some of those Asian places could understand simple questions a little better.) But Aiden was happy anyway.  He ate yam, moqua, and pear for the first time!  It was definitely a Thanksgiving feast for my little boy!

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