Day 34 – Bathing time


Aiden has been having trouble with his 便便.  We’ve all been trying different ways to see what we can do to help, so that Aiden can sleep better without grunting.  So we decided he’d have a bath and then use the Q-tip/vaseline method to help him go.  So Mommy for the first time participated in bathing Aiden.  (Mommy’s a chicken.)


When Daddy was about to put Aiden on the newly purchased bathing net, he grasped tightly onto Daddy’s shirt!  (Aiden enjoys it more when Grandma gives him a bath.)  But nowhere for Aiden to run or hide.


All done!  Now to perform the “operation”.


Operation 便便was successful!  Now he’s quiet and can be in the play pen without calling for us to hold him.  Happy Baby, Happy Mommy!


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