Day 343

Somehow it was a very busy day in the kitchen today.

Good thing Aiden was a very good boy for most of the night.

When we came home, he was in very good spirits – climbing the stairs, being courageous and taking steps towards Mommie without help, and he even did not fuss when I put him in the play pen.  In fact, he stayed at least a good half hour in it.

He can say “hi” while waving now.  We are now trying to teach him “bye”.

We are still trying to fix his hand gestures to differentiate between “eat” and “more”.

I got him to do the “eat” hand signal twice, but that’s it.  But it’s progress!

He’s also beginning to understand the meaning of “落地” (go onto the ground).

At least when I’ve asked him and he wanted to go down, he would.

There’s a few other words I say a lot to try to get him to remember.

He’s learning so fast these days! 🙂

Oh how time flies!

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