Day 67 – Surprise party

It’s JC surprise birthday party.  Nope not Jay Chou, but Jason and Janice.  Jason didn’t get any surprises really, but Janice was the one that got the “bad” end of the deal.  Thinking she was going to Langham for High Tea, Janice was tricked into dressing up.  The only truth in the whole white lie Benny told her was that she was going to see Cherry Blossom Tree…in Jason’s backyard.  But it was Benny that benefited from this trip, fresh grapefruit!  Sweet and sour!  Yum Yum.. to one or two peeps….

The other surprise for Janice was… she had to help out big time in the Kitchen.  Thanks Janice!

In the meanwhile Dominic was being a very friendly host, offering little Aiden a drink.  Dominic was trying to help in every way possible, from pushing in chairs to showing us his toys.  He was also directing us to do one thing or another!  Who’s the boss?  I guess Dominic is!

Korean style hot pot is being served tonight! Benny purposely took a day off Friday to do all the food shopping.  How very nice!  Beer was on the house, and Benny brought some soju as well to go with the dinner theme.  Unfortunately he forgot the “Korean” sauce, but it was still very tasty.

To finish off the night, of course we had to have dessert…at a Korean bakery.  Quite fancy!  Thanks Sophia.  A delicious blueberry cake with a lightly sweetened cream icing.  A knife with matches in a “secret compartment,” which we didn’t find out until afterwards.  With all the surprises of the night, of course we had to end it with the candle flickered and kept going.  Seemed more like an expired firework.

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