Diet – Week 30

I’ve been on this diet for almost a week.  Huge change in diet.  Can you guess which of the foods below is the worst for me?


1/3 cup of it already is 43 grams of carbs.  So, I have been banned from eating it.  What is it?  It’s the organic pasta shells.  Today I had my follow up with the dietitian.  She was very friendly and answered questions beyond diet for me.  So after a week of a change in diet and walking after those 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) there’s still a minor issue.  Before I get into that issue, this is my normal routine.  Wake up in the morning and take a blood sample.  I have to take another blood sample an hour after the first bite during those 3 meals.  Each meal is restricted and it is recommended that you eat a snack about 2-3 hours after each meal.  After those 3 main meals, I am supposed to walk 15-30 minutes because that helps lower the blood sugar level.


So anyhow, my dietitian was mostly happy with the results for all my meals except my fasting blood sugar (before I eat in the morning.)  It’s a little high so we are adjusting some of the things that are done at night to see what can alter and improve the sugar level in the morning.  It’s trial and error, but if I can lower it then I don’t have to take pills or have insulin.  Wish me luck!

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