First Dentist Visit

Thanks to Auntie Carla’s suggestion, we took Aiden to his first dentist appointment.

First time dentist visit

So much fun things to distract Aiden

lots of toys to play with

The wait wasn’t long though

Car is still Aiden's favorite

Which is good – Mommy hates dentist office

So happy playing inside the school bus

He seems perfectly fine now.

2 happy faces

But now the other fun stuff shows up.

sit still

X-rays for the front teeth was easy

1st X-ray done

He tried very hard!


But he didn’t get all x-rays because it hurt him.

trying to figure out what's happening next

Now he can be like 郭偉亮 and get a cleaning at the dentist office.


“Iron Man, Iron Man”

open wide.

Dentist says all clear this time.

Aiden was very cooperative for most of the time.

But we have to make sure he flosses as in between teeth is the toughest to keep cavities away.

Almost done...

This is hard work!

Dr. Ashley checking Aiden's teeth..

Add oil, Aiden!

All looks good. no cavities... just keep flossing...

Time to pick out something!

Aiden, one gift only....

Aiden had fun at Chubby Cheek and beginning to play with other toddlers.


It’s been a long day!

snoring our loud on daddies bed - another round of sleep after waking at 630



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