First Doctor’s Appointment 5/14/11

Today was BB’s first doctor’s appointment!  The doctor was recommended by our friend Carla.

Dr.  Han confirmed what the different websites/apps noted, that the due date will be 1/10/11 (daddy’s note: 1/10/12).


I got a slight scare because baby’s heart rate was not beating fast enough.

It was going only about 94, 97 beats per minute.

Dr. Han said it should be 100 beats per minute around week 5…so we will see in 3 weeks if BB’s got a normal heart rate at that time.

A little nervous, I find I am back to my pessimistic ways the last few days.

Doctor’s orders: Be happy!

First Ultrasound:


A few other things not to do:

1. No sushi – Argh, How will I survive?

2. Don’t be near cats – This one isn’t hard for me….I always try out of my way to stay away

3. No sitting in hot tubs – easy one as well


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