First Hot Pot Dinner for ah B

Yesterday it seems like everyone went to eat Hot Pot!  Of course, that made me want to eat it too! I wouldn’t have mind going to an all you can eat place because you just feel like you get your money’s worth there.  However, since the big talk was about Jazz Cat Fusion Shabu, that is where we ended up.  This was much better than the one I had before at their Alhambra location because at that time they cooked everything in their kitchen then brought it out to our table (that was before GM and I actually became an item).  And that of course is not the right way to eat Shabu Shabu.  The one thing I really don’t like about this place is it feels like it nickels and dimes you for everything. I mean come on, cilantro??? Just give me like a sprig or two chopped up, I don’t need a whole garden.  Taste is pretty good.  I got original and GM got the house special.  The combination is not bad.


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