Fun Day with Chubby Feet

It was a very sunny Saturday afternoon; Amy & I got a chance to hang out with Ethan AKA Chubby Feet. Chubby’s dad was busy that day, so we spent the day with Ethan and his mom. He had a number of different activities today!
First stop @ Cheesecake Factory


Chubby got his complimentary banana plate at Cheesecake Factory.


He loves chewing bread too, when it is someone else’s food. (YouTube video at the end of the post)


Amy & I were having pasta, I love my shrimp scampi while her pasta with meat sauce was just OK. (but even Ethan had no interest in the meat pasta, he shook his head “no”)


After lunch, we took Chubby to Nordstorm. Chubby loves shopping just like his parents. When he sat in his stroller his feet were prancing about, giving his dance of approval. Since Chubby has started walking recently, his mom wanted to get him a new pair of shoes (not just any shoes, but Stride Rite shoes) for school. But I think Chubby likes the Thomas (Train) rain boots more.


Finished with shopping and now its fun time for Chubby. We’re at Little Prince Kids Cafe (a toddler’s seventh heaven), which is Korean-owned and dedicated for kids. I’m glad we only came here for afternoon tea as many Yelpers mentioned their food was not particularly good. Their fruit juices were on the expensive side, but very delicious.


Surveillance Cameras at all corners, parents get to relax and enjoy their meals while their kids have fun in the back. Of course parents can somewhat join in on the fun too!


Uh Oh… Chubby was still napping and we had to wake him up to play.


How did we do that? Easy! Slowly try and take the pacifier out of his mouth! His eyes pop open!


Chubby loves the slide and you can find the YouTube video at the end of the post.


He played for a little over an hour and a half. Tons of fun! But he needed plenty of liquid to stay hydrated! Chubby was exhausted, but most of all at the end of the day, Uncle Galen was super tired as well.

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