Happy Birthday

My little Aiden has turned one.

This year went by so quickly.

The last week or so you’ve grown so much!

Even today you shocked Mommie when you decided to go down the slide yourself.

Even when you bonked your head, you laughed it off.

Thank you for all the surprises this year.

I know you’ll give Daddie and Mommie all sorts of surprises in the future.

But let’s just make the most of today and take it one step at a time.


With that step comes new foods that you haven’t tried before during your first years of life.

So even though Mommie wants to be super strict with what goes in your mouth…

you deserve a little break.

You had bread, potato, and even red velvet cake today.

I’m glad that by touch, icing didn’t appeal to you.

You didn’t even have a lick of it.

That can wait for another day.

May each day of your life be filled with health, happiness, and wonderful memories.

May each day provide you a wide range of learning experiences to guide you through life and help you succeed.

Ok, ok.. Mommie forgot you are just one. :X

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