Jadynn’s First Day Trial at new school

Jadynn started her free trial of preschool at a new school today. We left the house later than expected and had to circle back because we forgot to get her shoes. Nothing seemed to go right. Luckily it was a Friday and the traffic was light.

There was a boy in the classroom that was a total opposite of her. Upon seeing her he immediately wanted to teach her face and hug her, and also touch my face😅 Jadynn stuck to me but didn’t cry until the teacher held her. I think that was my cue to leave but I didn’t want to leave. No choice as she would cry louder if I didn’t leave immediately.

The office said she would cry and calm down multiple cycles she went through. No accidents at school. She didn’t eat her lunch. She ate her snacks and fruits though, her grapes on the way home.

She was happy to see me but didn’t want to return again on Monday. Daddy finally bribed her with juice and chips and it worked. In September, it’ll be another chapter of her life for two more years!

A final cute moment  to share is she had us role play. Mommy is Jadynn and Jadynn is Mommy. She wanted to make it happen so that Jadynn didn’t have to go to scary new school again on Monday.


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