Long Weekend

This was a busy long weekend.  A rare guest paid a visit from far, so we decided to take him to explore something difference this time.  A lot different than what he had ever experienced in LA before.  We found out something new about him: a little bit of outdoors, museum.. really? We never knew!  He always wanted to go shopping before.

We thought this was a treat for us, but I think Aiden had the most fun.  He loves his 大(頭)叔叔.  While Dave was here, we found out Aiden can somewhat ride his trike!

We hope to see 大(頭)叔叔 soon!  Don’t make us wait too long!

Taking the aerial tram to the mountain top. Base @ 2643 ft. No snow today, perfect weather for hiking. A friend pay a rare visit and we are taking him to do something fun these few days. It only takes a few mins to get to the top. Looking back down at Palm Springs Desert 8516 ft @ Mountain top. DSC03213 48' F only Very warm this year, no snow.  Last time we came, snow covered all over the forest. We don't often see the sky this blue in LA. These trees are over hundreds years old. Looks like they are ready for the hike. We are well prepared for the hike. Fresh air. DSC03226 165 years old. DSC03235 DSC03236 DSC03241 DSC03246 Our rare guest. What a relaxing morning. Nice view. Time to head down to do some outlet shopping. Koto sushi for dinner... The sushi was just okay. Then I got so busy eating... and forgot to take pics for the rest of the dinner. The next day, we had Marugame Monzo for lunch. Aiden joined us today. He was at the day care yesterday. Assorted tempura Carbonara Udon Champon Udon Sea Urchin Udon Another rare activity - visiting Getty Museum. Aiden has no clue where are we taking him. He seems to be a little worried. DSC03287 DSC03290 DSC03293 Crazy Korean boy DSC03296 Looking down the west side LA. Jae Bu Do for dinner tonight Amy has been waiting to come back. Look at all these shell fish. There's something for Aiden to eat too. Keep your hands off, Aiden. Abalone. DSC03349 DSC03352 Aiden is showing off some funny faces. DSC03356 DSC03369 Live feed from Instagram hashtag. DSC03375 DSC03377 DSC03386 DSC03401 Irvine regional park.  Aiden's favorite: choo choo train. Daddie only mentioned it once in the morning, then Aiden start reminding all of us for the whole day until we got here. Aiden got scratched by his classmate. DSC03418 Having some fun at the playground after the train ride. Taking a break while Aiden is still having fun. DSC03429 So much energy. DSC03435 DSC03438 Daddie took Aiden to try something new. We are here @ Palm Springs today. DSC03442 DSC03443 DSC03444 DSC03447 DSC03450 Here we go again. DSC03459 The guys. Energy never depleted. DSC03466 DSC03468 DSC03473 DSC03480 DSC03482 DSC03487 DSC03489 Ouchie, sand in shoes. DSC03495 DSC03501 DSC03520 DSC03524 Thank You uncle Dave.

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