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Christmas is almost here, and its about time to have a Christmas dinner with friends before baby Aiden is born.  Last year, we went to the CUT at Beverly Hills with Benny & Janice; this time we took a longer commute, revisiting the MB Post.


It’s much less crowded than our last visit, probably because it’s a Sunday today.


The Ma’s were here.


If I wasn’t too tired, I would had ordered a glass of beer too.


Jamon Serrano – I like the 12 months aged ham, though they should have given us more bread.


The grapes taste like olive too.


Bacon Cheddar Buttermilk Biscuits – This is still as good as last time, yum yum.  Amy even indulged in the biscuits today.  The buttermilk spread on the pretzel was a very yummy treat for her.  But she managed to only have a little bite of each, instead of going crazy!

Doesn’t the pretzel look a piece of $h!t?


Asparagus and Poached Jidori Egg with Mushroom. The mushroom was a bit salty, though I like the asparagus a lot.


Fee Fi Fo Fum Fries.  This is still as good as last time, and though Amy normally does not like fries she really enjoys the ones here.  She even had a few pieces.  The sauce is a great complement with the fries.


Steamed Mussels.


Japanese Hamachi-with yuzu koshu, avocado, and puffed forbidden rice. Amy ordered this, but she didn’t have any because she thought this is a cooked dish.  hahaha… too bad, Benny & I finished it all.  yummy.

Diver Scallops w/shrimp ginger dumplings.


Hawaiian Walu.


Soy Glazed Veal Ribs.  Spicy kimchi sauce made it a bit too spicy for us.


Moroccan Lamb Belly.  This one was very spicy too with a kick of sweetness.


The “ELVIS”. Chocolate pudding with peanut butter mousse.  Amy ate most of the peanut butter mousse!  She over-indulged just a bit on this one!



The dinner was ok, but I feel like it wasn’t as good as last time. It could be due to the fact that the chef David LeFevre wasn’t here today, or it could be that I wasn’t too hungry as well. But anyways, this was a good dinner mainly because of the company and next time baby Aiden will be with us meeting uncles and aunties. Looking forward for that day to come.  (Although we know it won’t be easy.)

Special Thanks to Auntie Janice and Uncle Benny for getting Aiden’s first XMAS gift.

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