Mori Sushi

Rumor has it, that Mori is the second best sushi place in LA behind Urusawa.  It is the quality, not quantity, that stands out at Mori.

After tonight’s disappointing 2 hour dinner, I beg to differ.

The hubby and I had the $150 Omakase dinner, which I felt did not have any WOW factor to it at all.  Everybody knows how much I love to eat sashimi, so the fact that their cooked items made a bigger impression on me, notes what a disappointment the quality of the fish were.  All the while, the hubby said “not bad”, “pretty good”, I just thought “eh, it’s not really all that great.”  Perhaps the taste of the fish here just do not satisfy my taste buds.  Most of the items was dabbed with a little bit of soy sauce, sprinkled with a little lemon juice, or was accompanied by sea salt.  GM asked me what I wanted to eat more of, and I honestly for the first time thought “nothing”, at least nothing here.

This was supposed to be the last grandiose sushi dinner that we’d have for a while, unfortunately it did not hit the spot for me.

Mori Sushi
Fish Fish
Fresh wasabi root
Hi Lo

Steam Tofu

Homemade Tofu with Fresh Wasabi and soy sauce

Ankimo / Steam Abalone

Ankimo and Steamed Abalone

Seafood miso soup

Clear Broth Soup: shrimp, manila clam, japanese snapper, bell pepper to give it a little kick and lots of pepper to add the spice

Assorted Sashimi with grill prawn

Grilled Santa Barbara Shrimp with shrimp roe and Carpaccio: halibut, tuna, octopus, hotate

It was my favorite plate of the night!

Abalone tempura

Abalone Tempura and Chili (don’t know what kind) tempura


Red Snapper marinated with Kelp


Needle fish (Sawari)


Wild Yellowtail from Japan


Japanese Mackerel with kelp


Bluefin Tuna






Giant clam


Sweet Shrimp


Slightly grilled Baby Barracuda


Japanese uni vs. Santa Barbara Uni.  The Japanese uni surprised me, it was sweet and melt in your mouth, unlike the Japanese Uni we had in Japan.




Additional: Hotate sushi


Additional: Tamago


Homemade Ginger Ice Cream (pretty good)

On this particular night, the quality was just mediocre.  Perhaps individually ordering things would be better.

Regardless, thank you GM for the Omakase dinner 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mori Sushi”

  1. looks DAMN GOOD to me 🙂 The only thing i see difference is you didn’t get to eat the Boston sweet shrimp that we had, but you wouldn’t like that anyways, next time bring your own ponzu sauce 😉

  2. we had the grilled palm size jumping sweet shrimp and yes.. the shrimp was jumping when the chef take it out of the container… very 生猛… and later we had the sweet shrimp sushi too (有圖)… but not sure where it from

  3. oic… i think our was just a big piece of those 牡丹蝦… i took a pic and it at the beginning of the post… oh well.. i should say the FRESHNESS of those fish were top notch.. it just the taste was a little too plain compare to Sushi Zo… u know at sushi zo.. it was really 魚有魚味… it’s missing that kick in the taste buds this time… btw.. we didn’t had kumamoto oyster either

  4. those plastic wrapped sweet shrimps lying on the plate… they were still alive and moving occasionally during our meal … but the grilled one was taken out from the fridge and much bigger in size…

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