Multiplication 0 – 11 by Jadynn

Huge milestone for Jadynn. She now knows her multiplication very well.  We started first 1x video during July 4th weekend and finished 9x on 10/23. Great achievement.

Aiden 學校話要三年班中期識晒一至十二, 之前二年班尾開始 remote learning 個陣, 阿仔懶咗好多, 所以開始逼佢做下乘數表同寫英文句子… Jadynn 見到又攪攪震搭下嗲講下答案, 於是索性每日俾佢睇九恩歌, 等佢入下腦… 順便叫佢做 daily drawing 兼寫故仔 (kudo to Amy), 因為阿哥啲英文造句唔係好得, 我都想Jadynn 學下啲簡單野, 反正無學返就郁下個腦啦, 而且佢成日都想學阿哥贏阿哥, 所以好肯去學新野, 到後來佢就成日去摷阿哥啲故仔書黎睇兼 read out loud.. so now.. she can write out simple things about what she think/draw which i think is pretty good. 佢個一一如一係july 4th weekend 先開始錄, 到尋晚先攪掂埋個 “九”…


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