Sushi Zo

Sushi Zo is located in west LA, right off the National Blvd exit on fwy 10… beware they serve Omakase only… which means…. “NO CUT ROLLS”, lol.. this serious? well, they have this exact WARNING on the chalk board behind the head sushi chef and u eat whatever the chef serve u unless u have certain dislike item; which i believe, would taken away the fun part and the real meaning of Omakase … the only menu they have is the drink menu which give u 5 choices of sake and 2 selection of japanese beer… $5 for a bottle of Kirin.. not bad lah…

During the Omakase dinner, either the chef or the waitress will bring u the dish one by one and they tell u what fish is it and let u know if you need to dip it with soy sauce or not… many of the dishes already pre-marinate by the chef…. And i really like the way they serve u, cuz the chef control the tempo you eat while most ppl would probably spending less than 1 hour to ‘enjoy’ the same amount of dishes… We spent 2+ good hours to finish this 30+ dishes Omakase dinner… this is good for dating couples too as you can talk a lot during the meal in this cozy restaurant….

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