Taiwan Trip

Our second trip to Taiwan is more “luxurious” than the last time.

Taiwan Trip 001

With a big enough party, renting a chauffeur with car is not too expensive.

Taiwan Trip 002

Everyone gets to sit comfortably and there is no changing buses midway.

Taiwan Trip 003

Aiden is enjoying his first time at a hotel.

Taiwan Trip 004

We’re teaching him to give Auntie Monkichi a massage.

Taiwan Trip 005

He loves to walk through this hallway and towards the elevator.

Taiwan Trip 006

So free and so much fun!

Taiwan Trip 007

I think Aiden will enjoy the trip the most out of all of us, even though he won’t remember it when he grows up.

Taiwan Trip 008

The second day the chauffeur is going to take us around.

Taiwan Trip 009

First stop: 野柳

Taiwan Trip 010

Nice view.

Taiwan Trip 011

Our chauffeur estimated 2 hours here.

Taiwan Trip 012

Look at the layers of the stone.

Taiwan Trip 013

Amy didn’t pay attention and stepped onto the stone.

Taiwan Trip 014

That’s a big no no!

Taiwan Trip 015

There are many “security guards” making sure people follow directions.

Taiwan Trip 016

Aiden loved to sit here.

10 25 44

He kept wanting to go back.

10 27 17

Auntie Monkichi even smiled for the camera just for Aiden.

Taiwan Trip 017

Aiden is having a wonderful time exploring.

Taiwan Trip 018

He didn’t want to hold hands.

Taiwan Trip 019

Grandpa and Grandma had an umbrella up to keep the raindrops away.

Taiwan Trip 020

Good thing it was only raindrops here and there.

Taiwan Trip 021

Grandma has a surprise gift for Aiden.

Taiwan Trip 022

Not just one, but 6 cars.

Taiwan Trip 023

Next stop: 九份

Taiwan Trip 024

This stop is mainly for the snacks.

Taiwan Trip 025

Guava juice – Aiden absolutely loved.

Taiwan Trip 026

Next stop: 黃金博物館

Taiwan Trip 027


Look at that big gold bar, there’s a scale to let you know how big you’d be if you were a gold bar.

Taiwan Trip 028

Then: 十分

Taiwan Trip 029

Time to write our wishes on the 天燈

Taiwan Trip 030

Pink stands for happiness – so Mommie wanted to especially write it for Aiden.

Taiwan Trip 031

Grandpa helped with the others.

Taiwan Trip 032

Blue stands for Money-related so Daddie wrote this one.

Taiwan Trip 033

Amy has always wanted to do things such as this.

Taiwan Trip 034

Each color is supposed to stand for different things, but I’ve already forgotten what they stand for.

Taiwan Trip 035

That’s smart of them to help you take pictures.

Taiwan Trip 036

He told us where to hold and when to turn  it.

Taiwan Trip 037

Amy was super scared the “lamp” would catch on fire while she’s holding it.

Taiwan Trip 038

If you decide to go, make sure you don’t make the brush too wet.

Taiwan Trip 039

Otherwise you will be waiting a while before the ink dries.

Taiwan Trip 040

Nor do you have to worry about being wasteful or “non-green.”

Taiwan Trip 041

They have people to pick up these fallen lamps and recycle them.

Taiwan Trip 042

Wow look at the lamp behind us, words looks so nice.

Taiwan Trip 043

Makes Amy’s writing look even more juvenile than it already is.

Taiwan Trip 044

But she felt writing it herself shows more 誠意.

Taiwan Trip 045

Time to let go!

Taiwan Trip 046

Up, up and away.

Taiwan Trip 047

Bring the prayers to the heavens.

Taiwan Trip 048

Amy’s praying for it all to come true.

Taiwan Trip 049

Who knew she was so much into praying.

Taiwan Trip 050

Time for some rare family pictures.

Taiwan Trip 051

Aiden didn’t want to part with his blankie.

Taiwan Trip 052

Everyone says he’s like the character in Snoopy – Linus.

Taiwan Trip 053

He’s becoming more and more reliant on it.

Taiwan Trip 054

We’ll have to slowly reduce the addiction…after we return home.

Taiwan Trip 055

Our Auntie Monkichi unwillingly took a picture just so we would leave her alone.

Taiwan Trip 056

Last stop with the chauffeur: 青桐

Taiwan Trip 057

Aiden enjoyed standing there even though he didn’t really take more than a step.

Taiwan Trip 058

If only he was this cooperative at the gold museum.

Taiwan Trip 059

I don’t know why he was so happy.

Taiwan Trip 060

But Amy on the otherhand was a mess.

Taiwan Trip 061

There were more stray dogs here than the other places we went to.

Taiwan Trip 062

She was alert and on guard the whole time we were there.

Taiwan Trip 063

We also had 阿婆日本冰.

Taiwan Trip 064

The Flower shaped red bean one was just looks, but the regular tofu ice cream we had was rich in tofu flavor.

Taiwan Trip 065

Taipei 101

Taiwan Trip 066

We didn’t get to check it out last time, so here we are..decision at the last minute.

Taiwan Trip 067

The elevator was super quick, just like that we were on the 89th floor.

Taiwan Trip 068

They closed the top floor due to the weather.

Taiwan Trip 069

They gave us some coupons.

Taiwan Trip 070

Daddie bought an ice cream float.

Taiwan Trip 071

Aiden and I shared a very sorry cup of vanilla bean.

Taiwan Trip 072

It had no taste, quality was way worse than the vanilla ice cream at Baskin Robbins we had before leaving LA.

Taiwan Trip 073

But Aiden didn’t mind it.

Taiwan Trip 074

He was just happy to be about.  He loved climbing up and down the benches.

Taiwan Trip 075

But the view wasn’t very nice due to the weather.  It’s probably prettier at night though with all the lights.

Taiwan Trip 076

Fun on the bed.

Taiwan Trip 077

Great way to relax the feet after walking.

Taiwan Trip 078

Aiden just loves to play with the remote control.

Taiwan Trip 079

We especially requested a crib just for him.  He slept just fine.

Taiwan Trip 080

Aiden loves this elevator ride the most, as it’s designed just for him!  He’s the only one with a seat.

09 35 04

Supermarket stop.  Aiden kept hitting his head on the bar but no complaining from him.

12 17 57

We’re at the airport and they actually have diapers and wipes there for usage.

Taiwan Trip 081

There’s even a play area!  Aiden had tons of fun!


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