Toddler here!

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Not a baby, now a toddler….



There’s a lot of perks!



Mommie says I’m starting to understand more things, like knowing the point is to stick the blocks through the hole.


I just haven’t mastered which blocks fit through which holes… But if I analyze it for a few more months, I’m sure there is no stopping me.


But I still call the shots!


When I do, that’s when I am happiest.


Let me open up my mouth super wide, so you can count how many teeth I’ve got.


Bad angle on most of the pictures, but I’ve got 4!


And if I bite, count on it to hurt!


Anyhow, back to calling the shots! That’s why there is a connection between the remote control and me.


I’ve been sitting too long, I need to get up and move.


One thing I am puzzled about is why Daddie wants to take less pics of me.  Isn’t this when I change the most?


And Mommie is willing to let me eat all new foods now!


But one thing that hasn’t changed is my love to clean. I’ve upped a level and Daddie lets me clean his feet too!


I do a good job, don’t I Daddie?


For my reward, I get a watermelon!


But not all to myself!


I try to test Mommie’s patience and see what I can get away with.  Mommie wants me to remember that this area is only for storing my toys, not for playing.


But it’s only because she’s forgotten what it’s like to be a toddler!


Here is where I like to hide!


It’s where the adults don’t want you to be, that is best to wander around.


January 4, 2013 my 1 year old well baby check up.  18 lbs and 6 oz, 29 & 3/8 inches tall, head circumference of 46.


Dr. Wong says I’m still about 10% weight wise, but height wise I’m down to 40%.


I don’t know why Mommie and Daddie put such a heavy blanket on me, it’s not that cold this time for a change.


The Doctor’s office seems more interesting this time.  I want to roam now.


Ok Doctor, you can do your thing now since I’ve had my fun.


“All looks good,” says Dr. Wong.


My big goal from now until next appointment (15 months) is 24 oz of milk and my diet to consist of 75% vegetables and 25% fruit, meat and carbs… try not to give me processed carbs though.


I can’t believe Dr. Wong confirmed Mommie’s plan for timeout.  He even explained the process and all, Mommie was completely sold on his way of thinking.


“For now, one minute time out is for educational purposes not so much for discipline. ”  Once I start to move that’s when the one minute countdown begins. 🙁


At this time, Mommie is supposed to explain to me (Is that called brainwashing?) what action was wrong and what she doesn’t like.  Later that night, Grandma told Mommie I have to calm down and say I’m sorry too.  How come nobody is on my side?


Daddie’s worried about the way I walk, but Doctor Wong says my bones look good.  Mommie had a long list of questions, but she’s finally finished.  TIme for my 3 shots then we can go!  It wasn’t Nurse Diane and I was bleeding a little more than normal during one shot.  That sure upset Mommie.


But I’m a big boy now.  No more “You jump, I jump.”  I am one years old and I am ready to fly and be a super hero.  Just watch me, Mommie.  One day I will take care of you guys!

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