Week 28 – the beginning of the third trimester…..

It seems like the doctor’s office is our hangout place these days!  The good news the doctor gave us today was he didn’t describe Aiden as a big baby this time.  3 pounds and he says that’s about right.  His heartbeat is at 156 beats per minute.  He’s a very active little guy 🙂 In the past 3 weeks he gained 11 ounces! He gained more weight than Mommy (0 lb).

This last trimester includes a lot of diet adjustments and a goal to be more active for mommy!  One week down… about 11 more to go!  Mommy will definitely add oil!

After the appointment we met up with the Chans for dim sum.. of course I was limited to a few dishes, but luckily the veggie dish was pretty good.  Galen and I can’t believe what an appetite little Dominic has!  He ate throughout the whole meal!  Time is going to fly for me, and not before long little Aiden will be as big as Dominic.  Seems so long away, but I know it’s just around the corner.

Later that day we went back to Gyu Shin Tei because they have 50% off for the person whose birthday lands within that month.

It was kind of funny because one of the waitress came by and asked if I needed white rice and some sauce, but I also felt kind of bad like I was making her look like she wasn’t doing her job.


So we had their Kobe style beef……



and the prime rib set…. (I did forgo much of the fat!)


This time it was Galen’s pot that was not boiling.. he was forced to sit next to me :X



Wow.. look at that!


And that’s how the day went!

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