Week 35

This week the big thing happening for Baby AIden is the non-stress tests.  Twice a week.

photo (1)


So just a little background, in the past they used to do a different test, where they make you stimulate yourself…but then that actually caused women to go into labor so they stopped doing that…thus now since you just sit there and have this machine monitor the activity, that is why is called a non-stress test.

We stay at this perinatal medical center for about a half hour to 45 minutes.  They gave me two straps to bring with me every time, a pink and a blue one.  These straps hold onto devices that measures the baby’s heart rate and the other, mother’s contractions.  This is to make sure baby’s activity is normal and that he is getting enough oxygen.  That’s my short summary… On top of that they take my blood sugar level, which the nurse says is good.  So far so good! His activity level is normal.

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