Week 37

Wow…the time is really nearing.  The big event that I’ve been putting off not thinking about is just around the corner…

Labor and Delivery!  Each day I just look forward to the next Non-stress test or the next Doctor’s appointment, to make sure everything is okay and what is the next step!  How much longer? What will cause the lease amount of pain?  How will I survive recovery time period?  A little bit of excitement and a lot of nervousness.

Watching the La Maze/birth video Carla gave us a copy of, just made the anxiousness grow exponentially.  Yikes!  Yes I know I will survive, but the fear of pain and the thought of pain does not bring pleasure to me.

I’ve been asking around all the different mommies out there how a contraction should feel like.  At first everyone tells me, when you feel it you will know.  But apparently that is not true because I’ve been feeling these Braxton Hicks for weeks, that tightening of the stomache, but it didn’t hurt so I didn’t know.  But it wasn’t until I knew what it was supposed to feel like (minus the pain, though it is becoming stronger especially the last few days) it didn’t happen often.  Of course part of it is the awareness and partly because I’m getting there.  Much thanks to the nurse(s) at Whittier Medical Hospital to be patient and friendly and explain things to me.  I wish I was referred here to do my other Diabetes testing and consultation, etc.  I would have had a much better experience and reached the blood sugar level I needed faster.  People do make such a huge difference.

Last Saturday to this Thursday my weight remained pretty stable, from 126.9 to 126.4.  But Our not so Little Aiden has grown again, 6 ounces, 7 lb 5 ounce to 7-11.  I dreamt a few times in one morning that he was ready to come out (it was me that was not ready.) So we shall see if he is indeed truly ready to pop out and say HI to this world!

The other big event is Aiden’s grandparents have arrived! Lots of gifts and goodies! What a lucky, blessed boy!

But for now it’s like the ornament below, baby still in tummy and Mommy and Daddy are happily awaiting to hold him! Thanks Cindy for this special ornament!



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