Cooking – The Capital Home Grille

What do we have here?  Lobster craving after The Capital Grille.   At $10.99/lb we couldn’t say no to this 2.71 pound lobster from Maine.

Leaving his temporary home (the crowded tank) at about noon today….

Live Maine lobster @ 2.7 lbs

Blurry picture because the lobster was still very alive and tried to fight against Galen picking it up.

Then transferred to his temporary home….

Keeping it in the fridge till dinner time.

our fridge, with my other favorite food (pomegranate).

….. then 5 hrs later…

After 5 hrs, this little guy still very alive, and of course we had some fun with it.

This is my first time holding a live lobster!

It’s still alive, look at the claws.

Picture time.

Now it’s time for Chef GM to work his magic!


Took the lobster meat out of the shell.

Lobster is cut and meat is out and ready to be put in the oven!


It looks almost the same as what we had The Capital Grille last week.

Ready to eat!


Happy Wife.

Mmmm.. I can smell the truffle oil that Chef Galen sprinkled on the  lobster.

Lobster meat was sweet and delicious!  Of course the quality at The Capital Grille can’t be matched, but all the effort and heart Chef Galen spent on this dish is incomparable.

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