Day 2 – Home Sweet Home

We want to leave the hospital as soon as possible, but before we can do that Jadynn needs to pass a series of tests, including jaundice, hearing, blood sugar (since I had gestational diabetes).  Happy to say she passed all necessary tests, but want her to visit the pediatrician no later than Tuesday to make sure she is eating well and doesn’t develop a level of jaundice that is not safe.

After we left the hospital, the doctor that gave me an epidural even called to see how Jadynn and I were doing.  I thought that was very thoughtful.  Not many doctors do that nor are they required to.

I seem to be recovering faster than last time.  I don’t know if it’s because my body has been through it once or because this time it happened more naturally.  Although at spontaneous times, I feel like my lower body is not able to move and isn’t mine.  I am waiting for the feet to not be swollen and seeing when the stiff joints in the fingers will recover back to its agile state.

As for Jadynn, she has a very strong neck.  She often turns to the side and can already lift her head.  She cries a lot and isn’t a happy baby like Aiden was.  Daddy says she has squirrel  cheeks – like she stuffs acorns in her mouth.  Now when I look at Aiden, I feel like he’s a giant.  I feel bad as if I hadn’t treasured him enough when he was small, and now there is no going back.  My little boy seemed to grow at an enormous speed overnight!  From this day, I will treasure my precious time with both Aiden and Jadynn.

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