Baby on the way

June 10, 2016 – I was driving in the car and thought the date is coming soon, very very soon.  It’s time to make sure the hospital bag has all that Baby and I will need.  Gas on the car is low – I better get some on the way home… just in case.

June 11, 2016 – 4:28 a.m. bathroom time.

But as I get up I felt a gush of water.  It is time!  I call to Galen, but he does not hear me.  I call to him again that it is the much awaited time.  This time he quickly gets up.  I take my time to figure out how to get up without getting the bed and carpet all wet.  I have read that there is time when your water breaks and when you need to be at the hospital.  Yes I was quite calm, yet anxious.  I admit I am a weirdo.  By 4:43 a.m. we were on the freeway.

By 4:50 I was beginning to feel back pain and contractions.  When we got to the hospital we were going to park at the emergency area, but i noticed a sign that says you can only park there for half an hour.  Really? I was not going to have my husband leave to move the car and I just happen to be in labor.  So we parked at the visitor parking, which was only a few minutes away since it’s a small hospital.

By 5:20 we were in the labor and delivery room, at that time I was 3 cm dilated, 90% effaced, and negative 2 (which means the baby’s head is facing down).  Last night I tried to count contractions, and I realized I didn’t know how to do it.  But today, I became an expert.  My contractions were really 10 minutes apart and I could guess when they were coming and breathe right to lessen the pain.  Finally at 8:30 I was given epidural.  At that time, it was getting pretty painful so I am glad they did not make me wait any longer.  My doctor had some other patients, so they gave me pitocin around 11.  (Galen even had enough time to go buy food.) Apparently all of this was to make sure my doctor would be able to make it in time otherwise I would have felt more pain and the baby would come earlier.  Kudos to those that go all natural – I, for one, would choose again and again to opt out.  When my doctor notified them that he was on his way, they increased my pitocin dosage.  The doctor came and went in what felt like 15 minutes, including the time to stitch me up (2nd degree tear).  All this in less than 8 hours – even quicker than with Aiden’s scheduled delivery.  I must say I am very lucky and I am very thankful for that.

I think it was even more difficult to find a name for her than the labor and delivery.  We spent so long thinking of the perfect name.  If I liked the name, Galen did not and when he liked a name I did not.  We were pretty much set on the first name but were still debating whether it was a go or not.  We finally agreed to her name after seeing the Star Wars movie.  I threw out the name Rey, and Galen actually said he liked it.  So we decided to name her Jadynn Rae.  Jadynn means to be heard by God or a gift from God.  Rae means grace.  But ask Aiden and he will tell you it was his idea, that he named her.

My sweet Jadynn Rae measured at 20 inches in length, 7 pounds 1.8 oz.  She looks so much like Aiden when he was a baby – with more hair and meat.  I could hold her forever.  The one hour bonding time went by so quickly. I loved that she was with me in the room and I could see her each time I opened my eyes.

I am very thankful that Grandpa and Grandma are here to take care of Aiden so that I don’t have to worry about him.  My parents were able to swing by, and even Aiden got to see his little sister.  What an amazingly wonderful day!





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