Day 264


It’s not often Aiden finishes a meal without making a mess…

but guess you can never say never

because the little fellow did just that during breakfast.

But right now he is literally a naughty naughty pig, 曳曳豬

Snort snort .. that’s what he is doing with his clogged nose.

And cleaning it isn’t an option for him.

He puts up a fight every time, it’s like we are torturing him or something.

As if to rebel against eating neatly in the morning, at dinner time he would spit up his chayote puree and twice it got all over his face.

Naughty naughty pig!

Daddie also modified the walker, thinking Aiden would enjoy the freedom of it without the seat.

But that naughty naughty pig DID NOT like it.

If this is the work of teething or being sick, let’s let that phase past.

And if it’s not, well let it pass anyway.  Mommie hasn’t had much sleep for the past 3 nights, and counting.

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