Day 265


Interesting and better than last night….were Daddie’s choice of words.

But that’s not about Aiden.

It’s the words to describe how I made the scallops, curry scallops.


Now in regards to our little fellow – naughty naughty pig with Daddie, sweet sweet pig with Mommie.

How so?

SO here’s the little story.

Last week Mommie suffered a steam burn, over an inch long.

Little did I know it’s considered a second degree burn because there were blisters (water bubbles).

And while I was taking care of Aiden today, it popped!

So I asked my nurse friend, Jessica, for advice on what to do. (Thanks so much to Jessica!)

And when dinner was all done and over with, I was off to Walgreen’s to make my purchase.

Daddie stayed home to take care of Aiden.

Apparently Aiden was being bad so Daddie put Aiden in the crib and Aiden threw a tantrum.

By the time I got home, I saw the little guy sniffling and eyes as red as Rudolph’s nose.

When he finally calmed down we facetimed with Grandpa and Grandma.

Aiden was so sweet, he kissed Mommie a few times! (not as wet as the last few times).

Guess Daddie has played bad cop more often than Mommie.

But Mommie does discipline Aiden (though didn’t will disagree – he usually disagrees just to disagree) but in a different manner.

Anyhow, his bouts of falls this weekend, carried over in the morning and at day care.

Mommie doesn’t enjoy that much even though I completely understand there will be many more times this will happen.

Not just in regards to those types of falls, but heartaches, disappointments; these are inevitable.

So much to learn for all of us!

Just remember Aiden, we are always here for you!

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