Day 269


It sucks when things don’t work.

I left work early and after inspection, it was confirmed that the garage opener needed replacement.

So Daddie went to pick up Aiden.

It was Daddie’s first time seeing how Aiden would use one hand (against the teacher’s face) to push off and get closer to his parent.

Every time that happens, I feel so bad!

The teachers sure have patience!

It was Aiden’s first time waving goodbye to the teachers!

Normally it’s either Mommie or the Teachers showing Aiden how it’s done.

Definitely not a wasted pick up day for Daddie.

Not only that, but when Aiden saw his Daddie he used one had to push off (against the teacher’s face) so that he can get to Daddie faster.  That has always embarassed me, though I secretly love that he is so anxious to come to me.

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