Day 277


9 months is a giant step for Aiden!

Last night he had some banana flavored puffs.

He enjoyed it very much!

But we learned something quick about his eating habit!

He doesn’t like to put the puff in his mouth with his own fingers.

I wonder why and how long it will take him to get out of this phase.

But Daddie had something special in mind for Aiden today – though it was not planned.

What a lucky boy!  Off to Little Prince we go!

He played for over an hour!

We started off in the “ball pit” because there were less kids.

But once we got there, seemed like all the kids joined in as well, and they were on the rough side!

So we quickly left, especially since Aiden didn’t seem to enjoy himself.

Although we returned to the ball pit later, he never wanted to venture out.

It’s just not his thing…..yet!

He much preferred the slide.

The slide part was half like, half scared.

But he did enjoy the way up to get to the slide!

So much fun! He’s so good at it, since he’s had so much practice at home!

He went up 8-10 times and I think he would have gone more (if he could skip the sliding down part)

The more times he climbed up, he would fuss a little more when he got to the top.

I think because he knew…he had to come down!

First time I put him on my lap, Daddie said “Let him go down himself”

So Aiden went down…down..down… and then he fell and cried a little.

Mommie tried sliding with him but side by side.

He didn’t like many of the different combinations of going down the bumpy slide.

When I finally put him in front of me to slide down, he was all smiles!

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