Day 278 – Moon Cake Festival


Sleeping, eating spinach, and changing his diaper were the 3 things Aiden hates the most.

But I think he hates feeding himself much more than he does going to bed.

We experimented and AIden refuses to put the puffs that he has in his hands into his mouth.

He will cry like you are torturing him.

Even his beloved watermelon is no exception.

So I gave him a super huge piece of watermelon, and it still didn’t work.

When I put it in his mouth and he kind of forgets about it, he will hold it for a short while.

When he realizes he’s holding it, he pulls his hands away and cries if you try to hold his hand in place.

We will keep working at this.

But no mooncake for him this year, he’s not ready for it yet.

After dinner, Mommie and Daddie got unexpected entertainment.

Aiden danced for the first time! 🙂

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