Day 302

Aiden has taken an interest to keys and shaking it to hear the noise it makes.

I had to hide it when he momentarily lost interest in it.

After a second or so, when he realized he wanted to play with the keys more than his book it was too late.

At least for now, I can still hide it from him.

When he’s bigger, I know it’s not going to be that easy.


Side note: First attempt making pasta shells, western style.  I was a little stingy on the sauce and I knew it, but was hoping I could get away with it. haha… I guess that means I can’t do that next time.  I also made soy sauce chicken, sprinkled a little bit of honey and oregano.  Not bad, Daddie even liked the chicken and it was tender and juicy.  Tonight was a meal Daddie enjoyed.

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