Day 89


Today Mommie and Daddie went out to run a quick errand.  Daddie said it’s been a long time Mommie and Daddie have gone out alone.  Mommie was thinking December..but Daddie said since last April.. wow almost a whole year if you look at it that way.

Thank goodness we decided not to take Aiden out.  It was pouring like crazy!

When we got back, Aiden had tummy time.  This time we put a pillow at his chest so he wouldn’t be kissing (eating) the mat.

Aiden is also “talking” a lot.  We wonder when he’s going to start, it sure seems like he will talk before he walks.  But, that’s months and months away.  In the meantime, we will enjoy the little progresses he makes.  It’s such a joy!

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