Fusion Fried Rice – Take 4

Today, I felt like a chef.


When I was cooking, Galen was wondering if I’d put in truffle oil.

But after my first 2 attempts I stopped, because it overpowered the rosemary.

I asked him if he could taste the rosemary during (Fusion Fried Rice) Take 3.

He still did not, and pressed on why I am so adamant about him tasting the rosemary.

So the reason I feel like a chef is because I have a taste in mind that I want to make.

Does a chef need to explain that, need to explain that I want to use an herb to bring out the flavor and aroma? It was a bit frustrating.  Partially with him, but partially with myself.  Of course I know it usually takes chefs many trial and errors to perfect the dish, but I am at a disadvantage.  I don’t have the skills or the knowledge of how the different ingredients work.  I suppose I could do more research on that…it’ll be on my list of to-do’s.  But regardless… I’ll continue my amateur road of chef-dom as the primary chef in the house.

Let’s see how many takes before my husband is satisfied ((with this dish.)



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