Han Yang Revisit

What a day, wifey and I had to work OT today. We both got a little lazy after getting home and felt like dining out today. Hence we decided to revisit Han Yang to try a couple of new dishes.



Su-Yuk (Beef Sampler Plate) – Beef brisket, flank steak, tendon, leek, garlic and date.  For $17, you got all these beef sitting on a sizzling hot stone plate. We both like this a lot, the meat was tender and it goes so well with the garlic and their wasabi soy sauce. Lucky wifey is not a big fan of garlic, I get to finish them all by myself.



Sul-Long-Tang (牛雜湯) – This is what we missed out last time. For only $6.99, you get full bowl of sliced brisket, intestine, drop flank. Add a pinch of salt in the soup and it bring out all the flavor in the soup.  This is by far one of my top favorite dish here.

I’m so looking forward to take my parents here when they visit Aiden. 🙂

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